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Dental Implant Therapy in Burleigh Heads

Restore Your Smile at Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry

Dental Implants IllustrationWhen you lose a tooth, the void left behind impacts everything from your bite’s alignment and how you eat to your bone structure and self-confidence.

Dental implants make tooth replacement better and more predictable than ever before.

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

Each time a tooth falls out or is extracted, the bone in that area of your jaw starts to shrink away (resorb). This can lead to the adjacent teeth collapsing into the open space, as well as the opposing tooth erupting further.

By proactively replacing your tooth soon after its removal, you can preserve the health and alignment of your overall bite. Implants support fixed restorations while also halting bone loss.

Types of Implant Restoration Techniques

Depending on the number of missing teeth you have, dental implants can function alone as individual “teeth” when topped with a porcelain crown or in pairs to support a fixed bridge. It’s also possible to use as few as four implants to support a full arch prosthesis, such as a fixed denture or removable overdenture.

Compared to other forms of tooth replacements, implants are the most anatomically lifelike type of restoration available in modern dentistry.

Advantages of Choosing Implants

If you’re still trying to decide whether or not an implant is right for your individual needs, consider the many advantages that implants offer compared to other types of treatments.

  • Extremely durable, allowing them to support the weight of multiple teeth
  • Biocompatible materials permanently fuse with the jaw, keeping them in place
  • The longest life expectancy of any dental restoration
  • A 98% success rate
  • Non-invasive to natural teeth
  • Easy to care for and maintain

Your Implant Treatment

Implant therapy requires different phases of treatment. First, the implant is placed during minimally invasive surgery. After the area heals and new bone fuses the implant in place, we uncover it to attach an abutment, which supports the fixed crown, bridge or denture. Your fixed restoration will be individually matched to your particular smile and facial profile. Depending on your circumstances, the overall process may take 3-6 months.


Find out if dental implants are right for you. Tired of a loose denture? Ask about retrofitting it to attach to implants. Schedule a consultation today.

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