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Tooth Extractions at Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry

Extractions Burleigh HeadsIt’s always our goal to help patients preserve and repair their natural teeth when possible. However, there are times when a tooth may need to be pulled due to damage, reconstructive needs or to halt the spread of infection.

Common reasons for dental extractions include

  • Removing baby teeth due to how they are affecting the eruption of permanent ones
  • Emergencies or trauma
  • Creating extra room in the mouth prior to orthodontic treatment
  • Issues with wisdom tooth development
  • Severe toothaches
  • Full mouth rehabilitation

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Sometimes the 3rd set of molars—more commonly known as “wisdom teeth”—lack adequate space to properly erupt into the mouth. This crowding can cause your wisdom teeth to become impacted, push against other teeth or even lead to infection. In many cases, we will proactively remove the wisdom teeth before pain or other secondary problems start to develop.

Consultations for 3rd Molar Extraction

To know whether or not you or your teen ought to have wisdom teeth removed, we will need to perform a thorough examination that includes a panoramic OPG X-ray of the teeth, jaws and surrounding oral anatomy. These images make it possible to see where the 3rd molars sit in relation to your nerves and other teeth (all of which tremendously impact the planning of your surgery).

Keeping You Comfortable

We want your experience to be as comfortable and relaxing as possible during any extraction or wisdom tooth surgery. To reduce potential discomfort, we offer pain relief inhalants like laughing gas (nitrous oxide) as well as other types of dental sedation and analgesia. It’s essential that we thoroughly review your medical history and oral health needs prior to determining the best choice for your procedure.

Comfortable Tooth Removal in Burleigh Heads

Is a painful toothache or infection making it difficult to eat comfortably or sleep at night? Schedule a dental consultation today to learn about restorative and extraction services that can help.

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