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Mercury Filling Removal in Burleigh Heads

Safe Care at Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry

Girl and grandma smiling and huggingTraditional amalgam dental fillings are made of a blend of various metals, including silver, copper, tin and mercury. Although silver fillings have been used for years and are a cost-effective restorative option, many individuals are cautious of how their mercury content will affect them over time.

The reason mercury is used is because it allows the various metals to be mixed in a liquid state and then formed and shaped into the tooth before hardening in place. While it’s not thought that mercury is released in its solid state, we do know that the vapours from mercury during placement and removal of metal fillings is a health risk to our patients.

As such, mercury safe removal practices require specific equipment and methods to prevent mercury vapour exposure.

Removing Fillings that Contain Mercury

When a mercury filling is removed, our office takes extreme safety measures to protect our patients, staff and environment. We implement steps like

  • Disposing the material in an environmentally conscious manner, to prevent water and soil contamination
  • Using high suction evacuation to quickly eliminate mercury product from the mouth
  • Employing a rubber dam seal that prevents you from swallowing or inhaling any debris or vapours
  • Utilising heat reducing tungsten tools to decrease mercury vapours during breakup and removal of the amalgam filling

Metal-Free Fillings

Treating new cavities and replacing old fillings are safer and less invasive with our metal-free composite restorations. Each of these white fillings is completely free of mercury and is matched to the shade of your tooth, making it more aesthetically pleasing.


If you’re thinking about having your metal fillings removed for health or cosmetic reasons, be sure to select a dentist that practices mercury safe removal techniques. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our minimally invasive white fillings.


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