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Oral Hygiene and our Dental Hygienist

Preventative Dentistry in Burleigh Heads

sami burleigh hygeinistExcellent oral health begins with thorough preventative care, including good oral hygiene and regular checks and cleans. Because we feel that prevention is better than a cure, our family dentists and hygienists are committed to showing you ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy while minimising the risk of common problems like gum disease and tooth decay.

What Is a Dental Hygienist?

A dental hygienist is a specially trained oral health provider who performs preventative and soft tissue therapies that manage and address common problems like gum disease and decay. As a licensed dental professional, our hygienist is specifically focused on preventative techniques and patient education to better the oral health of you and your family.

During Your Hygiene Visit

There’s more to your check and clean than having an exam and your teeth polished. In addition to educating our patients on how to better their overall oral health, we also perform

  • An oral cancer screening
  • Diagnostic digital X-rays to screen for bone loss, infection and decay
  • Fluoride treatment to strengthen and desensitise teeth
  • An assessment of existing dental work
  • A gum health evaluation/periodontal screening

The Importance of Routine Preventative Care

Being that most dental problems are preventable, we strive to see our patients every six months to minimise their risks of oral disease. If symptoms are present, an earlier diagnosis allows for quicker, less-invasive and more affordable treatments.

Even if you don’t notice tartar buildup accumulating on your teeth between appointments, nearly all people have areas where it does.

Routine cleanings lift away calcified plaque, known as tartar, in areas like along the gumlines and on the surfaces of tooth roots. By cleaning teeth regularly, we can help to prevent gum disease, a condition that leads to soft tissue detachment from the teeth, resulting in tooth mobility and loss.


Make six-month preventative care appointments part of your oral hygiene routine, just as much as daily brushing and flossing. Contact us today to schedule your next appointment.

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