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Scale and Cleans at Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry

Scale and Cleans Burleigh HeadsBecause prevention is better than cure, we encourage you to book a professional scale and clean every six months. If you have a history of gum disease, we will want to see you more frequently.

What to Expect

During these visits, one of our highly skilled dentists will perform the following:

  • Gently remove calcified plaque and tartar buildup that has gathered along the teeth and gums. They will use an ultrasonic tool to remove tartar.
  • After the clean, your dentist will use hand tools to clean away any remaining deposits and scrape and smooth the surface of your teeth.
  • Your dentist will then polish your teeth and possibly apply fluoride to protect and re-mineralise the teeth and help them fight decay.

The Importance of Professional Dental Care

When tartar buildup is not removed, these bacterial deposits can cause periodontal (gum) disease. This condition leads to the loss of both bone and tooth. Preventative care, however, can make it possible to preserve your natural teeth for a lifetime. And because research shows a link between gum disease and other serious conditions like heart disease and stroke, it’s vital to maintain optimal oral health.

Achieve a Healthy Smile With These Tips

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums begins with a dedicated oral hygiene regimen. We recommend that you brush for at least two minutes twice a day, using a soft bristled brush. It’s also essential that you floss at least once daily to clean between the teeth and just below the gumlines.

Even the most diligent brushers will experience minor amounts of buildup between their checkup appointments. If the buildup is not addressed, it can lead to symptoms of gingivitis. These include swollen or tender gums, bleeding when you brush or floss or food catching between your teeth.

Book Your Appointment Today!

If it’s been a while since your last scale and clean, we won’t judge you. We want to help you. Contact us today to book your cleaning at Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry. We have Saturday appointments available for your convenience.


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