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Teeth Whitening at Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry

Do We Know About Teeth Whitening?

Woman with beautiful smileAt Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry we sure do! Dr Alex Banic has in intimate knowledge of the theory and practice of teeth whitening having completed hundreds if not thousands of cases of teeth whitening over that past few years. We know what works and what problems you are likely to encounter.

What are my options for teeth whitening?

With our teeth whitening protocol we use a number of well-known whitening brands and can provide systems for either overnight or daytime use. Both options will usually produce a marked colour change.


How Do I Get Started?

Firstly we must complete a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth. This involves taking x-rays of your back teeth to ensure there is no decay hidden between your back teeth. During our examination we take special note of a number of relevant factors including:

  • inherent tooth colour to determine the expected difficulty of whitening
  • existing fillings or crowns in front teeth that will not change colour with whitening
  • existing fillings in front teeth that may cover the tooth surface preventing penetration of hydrogen peroxide into the tooth
  • history of teeth sensitivity and likelihood of sensitivity during whitening
  • areas of gum recession that may become sensitive during whitening
  • areas of inflamed gum tissue that may become further irritated during whitening
  • leaking or broken fillings
  • areas of active decay

Prior to teeth whitening a thorough clean is required by our hygienist in order to ensure all gums are healthy and teeth are free of extrinsic stain. Generally, it is preferable (but not always essential) to have the following completed prior to whitening:

  • all areas of decay cleaned and sealed
  • all gum disease treated and gums in a healthy state
  • all leaking and broken fillings sealed
  • teeth free of discomfort and sensitivity

Want to Learn More?

Find out more about gaining the smile you’ve always wanted. Contact Gold Coast Aesthetic Dentistry today!

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