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While Fillings in Burleigh Heads

White Fillings Burleigh HeadsWe haven’t found a way to eradicate tooth decay, but we do have a safer and more durable way to treat cavities than with older metal fillings. White restorations are made of biocompatible and aesthetically pleasing materials that are less invasive to your teeth and blend in with their natural colour.

Metal Vs. Composite Fillings

Traditional metal restorations contain a small amount of mercury, but they’re also less than aesthetically pleasing. To place them, a more significant portion of the tooth needs to be removed. With temperature changes, the metal can expand and contract, weakening the tooth around it.

In contrast, white fillings bond directly to the tooth, making them a less-invasive alternative. Composite comes in a variety of shades, so we can select the one that best matches your smile. They’re also mercury-free.

Having a white filling means that when you talk or smile, no one around you has to know it’s even there. Others will just see you. When you feel confident about how your teeth look, you’ll feel inclined to show them off more often!

Why Do I Need a Filling?

It’s best to stop tooth decay as early as possible. As a bacterial infection, cavities can quickly spread deeper into a tooth and adjacent ones. The earlier we diagnose the problem, the easier it is to correct it with a small white filling.

Symptoms of cavities often include

  • Visible holes or dark spots on teeth
  • Feeling a rough area with your tongue
  • Sensitivity when chewing or eating certain foods

Older metal fillings can be replaced with white ones or other ceramic restorations as necessary. However, removing mercury restorations requires specific steps and equipment in order to complete the procedure safely.


If you suspect that you have a cavity or need to replace an old metal filling, contact us today to schedule an exam and X-ray of your affected tooth.

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